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Custom Dash

Many people have contacted me requesting information on my custom dashboard. Most of them have incorrectly assumed I bought the "blank" dash from a mail order house and then somehow filled in the unnecessary holes. The truth is, it was completely a custom fabrication job from a 12ga steel plate.

Using some careful measurements that I made from a stock dash board, I used AutoCAD to sketch out the necessary shape. I emailed the CAD drawing to a local metal cabinet shop that specialized in manufacturing control panels for plant floor assembly lines. They were able to cut the steel and fold up the four corners according to my dimensions.

Once the blank had been returned to me, I laid out the lines to be used to center all of my new AutoMeter Phantom gauges. When I was satisfied with the layout, I used a hydraulic Greenlee punch to pop the necessary round holes in the plate. I used a drill and jig saw to cut the rectangular holes. To finish everything out, I used an arc stud welding gun to fuse about 10 threaded studs to the back of the dash plate. This allows me to easily find a grounding location on the dashboard.

I followed everything up with a few coats of spray primer and white enamel. It has held up exceptionally well and I would recommended the project to anyone that has the means to have the inital plate bent for them. I think stock dash plates are only 18ga (0.048") steel and wouldn't be too difficult to bend in a good quality hand brake; HOWEVER, I designed mine with 12ga steel which is more than double the thickness at 0.105". You'd have a hard time bending 12ga. steel without a hydraulic brake.

If you still want to attempt this project, I have included the base dimensions below for you to use below: